Schmerz-Therapie, Alternativ-Med., Dorn-Seminar

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"The biggest value in life is health."  

Take the chance, almost every disease has been cured once before. With my 20 years of experience with holistic treatments you are in good and solid hands.

Do something good and take some time for yourself, improvements are always posible. I can help to activate your selfhealing power. 

I would be more than happy to discuss your personal medical issue at any time in my naturopathic practice here at Rothenburg. 

As an independent alternative practitioner, I offer holistic treatment combinations that can improve your immune system, your physical performance and mental concentration.

Further more I offer medical strengthening and pain therapy, with a effective and gentle chiropractic and homeopathy therapy, according to S. Hahnemann, W. H. Schüssler, G. Enderlein and other holistic healing methods.

English is not my native language, but it is more than sufficient to help and treat you.

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